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Paper Chain Governance

Learn about Paper Hand DAO structure


Paper Hand utilizes its governance protocols to authorize proposals, modify chain parameters, allocate and disburse funds within the community or ecosystem, and perform various other functions.

Paper Hand Governance Structure

The governance structure of Paper Hand protocol incorporates both on-chain and off-chain processes, which involve communication, discussion platforms, and decision-making. This structure introduces a bureaucratic framework to ensure effective governance within the system.
Paper Hand effectively communicates its governance processes and decisions through various documents and presentations, which encompass Architecture Decision records, on-chain governance proposals, and technical specifications. These resources ensure clear and efficient dissemination of information related to the governance of Paper Hand.

Communication Channels

Paper Hand employs various social media community channels such as GitHub, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, among others, as discussion venues for its governance functions. These platforms serve as spaces where individuals with diverse interests and roles, including users, validators, delegators, developers, and Paper Hand Labs board members, can actively participate and contribute during governance sessions. By welcoming contributions from a wide range of stakeholders, Paper Hand ensures inclusivity and a diverse perspective in its governance processes