Why Build on Paper Chain

Paper Chain is dedicated to democratizing blockchain technology and decentralized services, making them accessible to individuals and communities worldwide. To achieve this goal, Paper Chain offers a range of building blocks and tools that facilitate easy integration, decentralized software development kits (SDKs), and a supportive community that fosters cross-chain advancements across various sectors where blockchain can be implemented.

The Core Development Team at Paper Chain is responsible for creating and maintaining a diverse set of tools tailored for developing and launching scalable blockchain applications. These groundbreaking tools aim to alleviate the workload commonly associated with blockchain technology, enabling developers to focus on generating ideas and driving innovation, ultimately pushing us closer to the era of Web3.

With a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality user experiences, Paper Chain carefully curates the best tools for building dApps that offer excellent user experiences. Smart contracts have revolutionized the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, forever transforming blockchain technology. Deploying smart contracts on Paper Chain is now more straightforward than ever before. Paper Chain's compatibility with Ethereum and various other virtual machines simplifies the process of exploring alternative methods to achieve dApp interoperability.

As a blockchain born out of the vision of Cosmos Chain, Paper Chain leverages the functionality of Cosmos and the robustness and market dominance of Ethereum to create scalable dApps that can withstand the test of time. Paper Chain's dApps seamlessly communicate with each other, as well as with other chains, thanks to the InterBlockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) implemented on the Cosmos network. This interoperability allows for efficient data exchange and collaboration across different chains, unlocking new possibilities and fostering a vibrant and interconnected ecosystem.

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