Developer Kit

Every developer should possess top-notch tools to facilitate the creation of efficient projects. These tools are crucial components of your blockchain journey. Developer kits streamline and expedite the development process. Paper Chain recognizes the significance of developer kits and recommends the essential tools required by developers building on its chain. Here are some common tools that may feature in your developer kit throughout your development journey:

  1. Block Explorers: Block explorers enable you to track and monitor both on-chain and off-chain activities. They provide real-time access to relevant transaction data and statistics. Paperscan, specifically designed for organizing and condensing on-chain transactions on Cosmos and EVM, offers a comprehensive overview of all your chain activities.

  2. Oracles: Oracles are third-party protocols or services that supply real-world information to blockchain applications and systems. With oracles, dApps can access and interpret real-time data from the external world.

  3. Paper Clients: To ensure successful interaction between your decentralized application and Paper Chain, a connection between the dApp and the mainnet is essential. Paper Client establishes this link, enabling comprehensive integration with the richness of the chain.

  4. Indexers: Indexers compile and distribute data, making it easily accessible for developers on the Block Explorer. Blockchain data can be complex, particularly for junior developers, but indexers simplify the process by presenting the data and statistics in a more user-friendly manner.

  5. Contract Audits and Verification: Another valuable tool to include in a developer kit is contract audit and verification. Integrating audit verifiers ensures transparency among dApp developers and establishes checks and balances to prevent the use of malicious or fraudulent contracts by users.

  6. Plugins, Tools, IDEs: Additional components to consider for your developer kit include plugins, tools, and integrated development environments (IDEs). These resources offer enhanced functionality, efficiency, and ease of development throughout the process.

Equipping developers with a comprehensive developer kit empowers them to navigate the complexities of building on Paper Chain effectively. By leveraging these tools, developers can optimize their productivity and create robust and reliable blockchain applications.

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