Delegation for Validators

Learn about Paper Chain's Validators

What Are Paper Chain's Validators

Paper Chain operates on the CometBFT consensus engine, which is a derivative of Tendermint Core. The responsibility of committing new blocks on Paper Chain rests with the validators. To ensure successful operation, validators participate in the consensus protocol by broadcasting votes that include cryptographic signatures, signed by the respective validators using their private keys.

During the consensus protocol, validators have the ability to bond their own tokens alongside the staked tokens of delegators. This bonding process enables validators to complete the protocol. In the initial stages, Paper Chain will select and approve 100 validators based on the highest stakes delegated to them. The top 100 delegates with the greatest stake will be appointed as validators on Paper Chain. The process will utilize Paper Chain's native and governance coin.

Validators and Delegators Rewards

Validators have the option to set commissions on the fees earned by their delegators, providing an additional incentive for their participation

Under the Tendermint consensus protocol, validators and their delegators have the opportunity to earn block rewards through transaction fees. These transaction fees will be paid and distributed in PHand, the native currency of Paper Chain. It is important to note that future transaction fees within the broader Cosmos ecosystem can be conducted using any valid tender within the ecosystem. However, such transactions must be whitelisted through the governance process to ensure their validity and compliance with the network's regulations.

More validator updates coming soon!

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